Antu Records was created in Chile in 2008 with the idea of help in the transmission of the universal message, the expansion of consciousness and light in our material world through the different kind of arts that interact with people, talking about music, dance, visuals, animation, meditation, painting, etc, creating a union with the energy that surrounds us. In connection with the Divinity, our mission is to generate more conscience for life, motivating and involving people in developing their creativity, contributing to their inner potential through art and all its manifestations. Begin a new stage for electronic music in South America, the first Chilean Psy Trance and Chillout music label. The word “ Antu ” comes from the indigenous Chilean language Mapudungun that means sun. As we said, our main purpose and intention is to expand the light and divine energy all over the world through Psy Trance music, to connect ourselves with our roots and feel our hearts full of spiritual healing.

Our Lastest Releases