A wild sound and engaging climates, a powerful and highly danceable groove, combined in a balanced and original way with hypnotic vocals, hot percussions, highly psychedelic synth sounds and ethnic instruments give Yagé a unique personality and their own space in the psy trance universe. The incredible energy of their live performances turns the dance floor in an authentic ritual of ecstasy and collective dance. Integrated by Ninad, a producer who controls sequencers, sinthes and effects live, and the flutist and vocalist Raghini, bewitching the audience with her vibrant melodies, Yagé features a live act in the true sense of the word, in which, adds richness and freshness of a live interpretation to a powerful and high-definition sound, which has led dance floors of many of the world's largest trance festivals (Sonica, Voov Experience, Trancendence, Universe Paralello, Monte Mapu, Moonflower), as well as countless parties .