Dj Yuya from Japan started his Dj career in 2007. Then the 2009, became a resident Dj of the psy crew `Overdrive` in Tokyo, which is well known as one of the the leading underground parties in the scene. In 2011, having defined his own dj style, he promoted his own party and crew called "Foresite". After recognizing his sense and passion. Antu records picked him up as one of their label dj`s. In Japan, Yuya has a reputation as being a " next generation dj " who with his powerful and rumbling dj sets, always creates a deep connection with his crowd. He has played in many festivals worlwide such: The Experience (Thailand), Shankra (Switzerland), Modem (Croatia), Wao (Italy), and also in the main events and festivals of his home country as Overdrive, Green Magic, Sunshine and Ozora one day (Japan), among others.