Alexandre Zaghini, also known as “DJ Zaghini”, From São Paulo – Brazil. Organizer of one of the biggest open air Psytrance Festivals in Sao Paulo (Brazil), 'Respect Festival' had been lidering the Psychedelic Open Air Events of his country. He also has been working for the last seven years djing and promoting psytrance music through the Universe, and had performed in the Biggest Brazilian Events such Universo Paralello in Bahia, Soulvision, Xxxperience Festival and Virada Cultural in Sao Paulo (playing to over 50.000 people), Moonflower In Argentina, Monte Mapu Festival in Chile, Amazonas Andes in Bolivia, Mozamboogy in Mozambique and Vortex, Jungala, Earthdance in South Africa. In 2010 he became member of Antu Records, where he produced his compilations, "Freaking On High' in 2011, V.A "Respect Festival" in 2012 and Universal Message in 2013, year also that he became member of Catalyst Records label.