He placed hisself 1997 for the first time behind Turntables. Started with House over Techno, UK-Trance and progressive Goa. He was always in search of this inner harmony and felt that the best appropriate music could bring it to him… In 2003 he went on a trip to Thailand and ended up at the Fullmoon Parties on Koh Phangan. One evening I entered Tommy’s resort and everything changed… Sabaii Sabaii played this unbelievable music penetrating deep into me, coming over me like a wave. This overwhelming energy was indescribable and he knew immediately - this is it! he found his „Nirvana “…! From that time until today he play Psychedelic Trance between 142-148 bpm, all over the world and Festivals. With his big sound spectrum, he can play when ever you think its good for your Party/ Festival. Since 1999 he organized Parties in Switzerland and since last year with the 7sd crew the Cosmic Circus Festival. 2012 he produced 2 Compilation « Love & Passion » and « Cosmic Circus » and well, ist gone be more in the future. Till 2011 Sebastian start with producing , as a DJ, new horizons should always remain a goal of mine – learning never ends. Under this theme, I hope to continue to grow and bring happiness to people through my music. Thanks to all my good and great friends outside on this small world. Love & Passion