Born in Santiago, Chile, ”Naza” moved with his family to Sweden at a very early age. Growing up in Sweden under the creative and artistic guidance of his sculptor /painter mother and his father, a singer and much loved musician, creativity grew in his heart until 1996 when Naza first came into contact with the PsyTrance scene in Stockholms docklands. This first exposure led Naza into more parties and more music until 2006 when he formed a crew together with other gifted Swedish artists that became legendary in the big city underground (ClubShiva GeggeMojja) and open-air party scene in Swedens mystical forests (DiaBass, SkåneSafari, Jordpunk, Dance Of the Planet). DJ MaGo debuted in 2008 playing solo sessions all night long or blasting back to back with his good friend and fellow DJ with whom he formed the alliance Earthpunks. Each year MaGo, together with his crew, organise, host and perform at the Swedish psychedelic festival, Dance of The Planet and when not blasting somewhere else - MaGo also acts as a booking agent for his friends.