Attracted by the magnetism of electronic music more than a decade ago, in 2005 Tudobohm have a frst experience with psychedelic music wich literally changes his way of life and thinking. Then he started to go in parties and festivals. As a Dj he has played in a lot of events in France, Brazil, Spain, Finland, Germany and India sharing the stage with many famous international artists. Musically, he doesn't like to limit his selection to a unique style of Psy-Trance. He prefers to adapt his choice according to the time, place and people. He is taking care about who is playing before and after him to ofer a coherent progression between them. At night time, He usually like to play some seriously psychedelic stuf, but he always try to keep a certain luminosity and groove in this darkness. The day he can really express the positive emotions that he likes to make people feel through a kind of Underground Psytrance style more relax and appropriate for the light. Anyway he prefers to play at Sunrise, in his opinion the most proper time to enjoy his best sets. For a few years he manages Kairos Theory, responsible of one of the most popular psychedelic open air in France called Egregora Festival. Recently he reached the Universo Paralello line up with the Funky Fresh Mafa. Now he has just joined the Antu Records family which is a very good Chilean label who released the tracks he played in his frst sets a while ago. A real return to the source that gives him the energy to continue to make you dance for many more years.