Francisco Rojas aka Dj Panchodelic is one of the mostactively Dj’s of the Chilean Psy Trance scene. Around the year 2000 at the first open air gatherings of his country he started to getting involved with the trance culture with the direct contact with nature celebrations, along with the Psychedelia of Trance parties awakes in Panchodelic the will of exploring more deeply in to the music, coming from the psychedelia of the 60´s and experimenting with the 21st Century, with always new trip. From the beginning of the year 2003, he explored different music styles like Chill out, Progressive and Psytrance. His influences are from the old producers of trance music and Panchodelic propose us a set of clean and pure line of trance music in nowadays. He is one of the founders of the collective Cosmic Experience in Chile, organizer of many parties like Full Moon Eclipse 2006, Psyvibes Club, Andes Extreme Rave. He played in well known international festivals like: Universo Paralello, (Brazil), Moonflower (Argentina), Massive Landing & Earth dance in Chile.