Biological is the newest project of the music producer: Ronei Leite aka Spectro Senses. Bringing the best of Full on national psychedelic. In collaborations and remixes of projects like: Burn in Noise, Pure Land, Northern Lights, Ital, Hypnoise, NAX, Mental Broadcast, Mekkanikka among others. The idea of the project was born after twelve years of production. With a vast experience and a different view of the current psytrance scene, the idea is to bring to the audience a sound with striking melodies and a bass groove. In August 2019 Biological will release their first album by Chilean record label Antu Records, which promises to start their releases steadily. In partnership with Ital on his new EP Niwa, has already released a track called: Flying Spirts Biological is coming in eager to demonstrate their sound on the dance floor, so stay tuned that a lot of energetic and psychedelic music is coming.