sábado, 06 de julio de 2013

ANT-CD010: Universal Message - Compiled by Ital & Zaghini

Track List:
01 - Ital vs Yage - Indian Calling
02 - Shekinah vs Twelve Sessions - Change The World
03 - M-Theory vs Ital - Mano v2
04 - Hypnoise - Fractalize
05 - Spectra Sonics - Fanciful
06 - Mental Broadcast vs Ital - Lost Connection
07 - 2012 - Pumapunku
08 - Champa vs Ital - Ancesters
09 - Mechanimal - Traveller
10 - Telepatic vs Josh - Metamorphosis

Antu Records is proud to present a new compilation this time compiled by Ital & Zaghini, bringing some
new fresh psychedelic sounds for our Psy Trance scene. Deep, atmospheric, crystal, groovy and happy psychedelic vibes:

A new message for our world:
The music is a universal message, for all people,
faiths and languages, a message of freedom, peace and light.


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